Magically automate your property management tasks

Everything you need to manage your properties

Free access


Property View

Detailed cards to track your various maintenance and property needs.

Owner Fees

Ability to automatically charge a range of fees to your owner.

Tenancy & Arrears Management

Ability to adjust the rent or add a rent credit to a tenancy.

Property Management

Client View

Ability to capture multiple people against the one contact card.

Warning Alerts

Colourful alerts to warn you when something requires your attention.

Document Management

Store all of your documents online against a property, owner, tenants, tasks, bills, the list goes on!


Showcasing rent arrears, invoice arrears, reconciliation, disbursements, vacancies, & more.

Activity Feed

Separate activity feed for properties, contacts and jobs, all with time stamped comments.


Send your contacts messages with a variety of options.


Owners Portal

Give your landlords what they need with access to their property information.


Print or email beautiful owner and supplier statements for your clients records.


Generate targeted merged emails and letters to your owners, tenants and suppliers.


PropertyMe inspection feature allows you to schedule, conduct and report on your routine inspections.


Manage your jobs easily, with clever automation tools.


Schedule your inspections in just a few clicks so you can get on with your day.

PropertyMe manager mobile app

Be on top of your portfolio wherever you are, and have your data in the palm of your hand.


Knowledge base and support forum, with video tutorials and getting started guides.

Data Migration

Migrates made easy so you don’t lose your data.

Online in the Cloud

Access data in all the latest internet browsers.

Service & Support

Eternal Data Access

You will always have access to your data, even if you unsubscribe from PropertyMe.

Multiple Users, Same Cost

Invite everyone to the party, with unlimited users at no extra cost.

Easy Startup

Forget about days of costly training, upfront installation costs and complex software. Get started in a few easy steps!


Pay supplier and utility bills on behalf of your owners.


Reconcile transactions against your bank account to ensure all your transactions are correct.


Single & bulk disbursement with different payment options options for your contacts

Audit Reporting

Store all audit reports and statements, automatically grouping your transactions by calendar month.

Property Accounting

Barcode Scanning

Scan your bills and let PropertyMe do the rest!

Sales Trust Accounting

Sold! Now you can manage your sales trust account in PropertyMe.

BPAY Batch Export

Capture the BPAY biller code and reference when processing a bill.

Import Bank File

Simply import your bank files and let PropertyMe do the balancing for you.